CJ & Drew are engaged, and we’re having the pleasure of covering their wedding down in Virginia Beach next June! It’s going to be a blast! But in the mean time, CJ & Drew are huge Annapolis fans and in love. So, for their engagement session, we arranged a weekend to meet them in the state’s capital for a meandering adventure through the streets.

We began our session across the Naval Academy bridge at the Word War II Memorial. While Felipe Sanchez was working on his first arrangement with CJ & Drew, I cam across Jeremiah who, without our noticing it, had just proposed to his girlfriend! Now that’s a good omen if I’ve even heard one! I quickly turned around and grabbed a photo of the two of them!


Congratulations you two!

After our time at the WWII memorial, we made a quick drive down the road to the beach at Jonas Green Park where we captured a gorgeous photo under the Naval Academy bridge. From there, we made our way into proper Downtown Annapolis, visiting some of the better nooks and crannies and being sure to capture iconic Annapolis in the background.

Check out the highlights below!