Cats, Man’s other best friend. To someone who’s just met your cat, they appear dispassionate and aloof. But to that little kitty’s owner, there is a world of personality and affection no one else gets to see. For Carolyn & Daniel, whose wedding we had the pleasure of capturing last year, their feline friends are their family. Dubbed, Beauty and Bethany, these two cats love attention–but not too much attention!

Carolyn & Daniel invited us to come capture images of their furry friends because they wanted to capture and save a slice of their day-to-day experience before its too late.

Photographing cats is a different ballgame from photographing dogs, or most people for that matter. It’s much closer to photographing small children, where the session truly must be conducted on their terms. To accomplish the shoot, we kept a distance, letting Bethany & Beauty decide what they wanted to do. All the while, Carolyn & Daniel offered up treats and toys that they loved and we shot as unobtrusively as possible.

Toward the end of the shoot, we stepped outside to capture some portraits of Carolyn & Daniel, and then were sure to create a couple of headshots before finishing up. As always, we had an amazing time with this couple and their feline babies that they love so much. Check out the highlights below!