A few weeks ago I paid a visit to our friends at Spark Experience in Bethesda, MD. We’ve been creating headshots for them for many years. Their blend of research and design employed for their clients is remarkable and so we always love getting to be a tiny part of what they’re doing.

During our last session, which fell on one of the coldest days before the blizzard, we were working with their two newest employees to create images for the team page and their individual profiles. For Spark, we always shoot one image inside, mixing classic headshots with a little bit of drama, and then another image outdoors, which is meant to be more casual. The whole shooting process usually goes fairly quickly. The editing process, on the other hand, is more time consuming.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to invite you to take a look at what goes into processing your headshots, without taking up your whole afternoon. The video below is sped up to about 10,000% of its original speed. You can see there are hundreds of steps, and a lot of attention spent on individual detail. This is not an unusual editing process, this is our standard editing process for headshots.

If you’re interested in the specifics of what we’re doing, leave a comment. I’ll be glad to share some of our secrets. If you’re interested in updating those outdated headshots of yours, give us a call: 410-417-8206, or send an email to: info@petruzzo.com and we’ll get you something that represents you perfectly.