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Creating Headshots with Georgetown Psychology Associates

I had a great time a couple weeks ago working with the wonderful members of the Georgetown Psychology Associates. The group has three practices. One in DC, one in McLean Virginia, and one in Bethesda, which is where we created the headshots. I arrived to a immaculate spread of bagels, cream cheese and fruit. A very good first impression.

The group needed something fresh for their new website. They didn’t want the same old standard headshots. They wanted a little more personality, and they wanted to better show their creative side. So the photos needed a little bit of attitude. I settled on using a single light with very subtle fill. Deciding to use a blank wall in the lobby as our backdrop, I repurposed my white pop-up backdrop as a reflector to create some big window-like light. By this point, a lively crowd has trickled in and it was time to get started.

I spent about 10 minutes working with each person. We’d take a few photos, review a couple of them, take a few more until, as we worked toward a great combination of angle and expression, they said “oh that one!”. It was really a lot of fun working with this crew and they were extremely personable and friendly and I can’t wait to work with them again!

Check out more from Georgetown Psychology Associates on their blog, and get a look at the new website!

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