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Editing Headshots with Kari Whitman, Arbonne Consultant Extraordinaire

Kari Whitman graced me with about 45 minutes of her time to capture some headshots and other images. This wasn’t a commissioned shoot, I just really wanted to take some photos. This is what I love doing after all. We met in Downtown Annapolis outside the Westin. I had some ideas I wanted to play with using the murals and my under utilized 70-200mm lens.

Kari has an awesome look. Voluminous, vibrant purply-pink hair and this refreshingly direct, but friendly and kind demeanor. I’d been looking for an excuse to photograph her for months, and it turned out all I really needed to do was say, “hey, Kari, wanna take some photos?”. Of course she was down, and was such a fantastic subject to work with.

Kari is an enthusiastic and committed consultant with Arbonne, a company which makes health, wellness and beauty products for the folks who are conscious of the chemical compounds seeping through their pores. Kari is passionate about this too, having struggled with the ill effects of some standard consumer products she’d been using before. Take a few minutes to check out her Facebook page and visit her website to see what she offers and get in touch! If Arbonne’s products are right for you, Kari is the person you want to talk to!

The video above is the editing process for these headshots, spend up 5000%. Check it out! A lot goes into the processing of headshots!


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