We had an amazing shoot with Lisa Schamess of The Cooler Minds Collective a few weeks ago!

Lisa is an artist, emotionally intelligent and accepting of the world’s many human varieties. She is a long-time independent writer and teacher, and the founder of The Cooler Minds, LLC, a network of communications professionals. This year Lisa is bringing her many years of diverse experience together to offer online and in-person workshops on creativity. This is among the reasons Lisa called us up. She needed images that not only showed what she looks like, but showed some part of her soul as well. And it is a vibrant one at that!

As Lisa walked me around the house, she showed me her studio. It is the charming sort of ‘disorganized’ that you know only comes with a system that works for its creator, but maybe only its creator. I made a point to use this space as it felt deeply reflective the artist, as the studio often does, and It looked like a wonderful place to create.

Lisa’s philosophy aligns very well with mine. Work hard, create something you love, be kind to everyone. If you’d like to keep up with Lisa and her upcoming workshops, and I suggest you do, subscribe to her mailing list! And, check out the highlights from our session below!