We were fortune enough to meet Amanda & Adam through one of our past wedding clients. They’re planning to relocate from the area before their wedding day, but they wanted to do their engagement session in DC to help commemorate their time here. I concur; I think special images should be created in special places.

For Amanda & Adam, those places were Dupont Circle, specifically the now defunct GBD Donuts, and the Sculpture Garden in DC. The first time we met, we got started in Dupont Circle and then moved onto the Sculpture Garden, which we discovered closes quite early. We decided that instead of settling for whatever we could find nearby, we’d reschedule the second half of our session. About a week later, we were there again, but this time during the open hours. We managed to get photographs with Amanda & Adam with some of their favorite pieces, and were then promptly thrown out by security… Because of all the art, duh. I won’t be sharing any of those images here, but I’m glad that Adam & Amanda have them for themselves to commemorate their time here. Let this be a lesson in the necessity of good location research; don’t let the publicness of the place trick you. ;)

Ultimately, I’m glad we split the session in two. We got some really great variety and got to spend time on things we wouldn’t have the first time around. And even though we still ended up using whatever we could find nearby, we had more freedom to explore and those images were much better than they might’ve been coming right off the cuff. Check out the highlights below!