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A Wonderfully Simple Wedding at the Annapolis Courthouse

Bride wearing the groom's coat, sharing a romantic moment.

We love courthouse weddings and elopements! They can be a great alternative for the people who don’t want to go through the full scale wedding shebang. And this wedding between Amber & Marshall was no exception. Amber and Marshall both have families of their own, careers in place, and a lives already in process. They decided that a big wedding wasn’t necessary for them to get what they wanted out of their day, so they opted for an elopement at the Annapolis Courthouse. They had nearly decided to forgo a photographer altogether when we got a call from one of Amber’s co-workers. She was intent on making sure Amber & Marshall had a photo record of their big day. Now that is a good friend.

After getting some info from me, she talked Amber into bringing me in, and within a few hours the plan was in motion. After the ceremony, we walked down to a park near the courthouse for some formal photos with everyone together. I omitted family photos from this post for privacy reasons, but you should know, the kids were all dolled up, matching mom and dad’s stylistic flare, and totally adorable. It was a fantastic day, and we wish the very best of luck to Amber & Marshall!

Check out the highlights below!