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Jeff & Chrissy’s Beautiful New Baby

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff & Chrissy three times, and every time I’ve loved the chance to be around them. Smart, creative, lighthearted and just the kinds of people you want around. Last time I was at their home, Chrissy was still pregnant and they were eager to welcome the new addition. This time I was there to help make the introduction official.

New babies introduce a delicate balance, there is absolutely no reasoning with them. Instead, you have to adapt to them and what they want. That means oscillating between shooting and playing and eating and sometimes taking little breaks for sleeping. This is why we shoot these kinds of photos at home, and almost always try to incorporate the baby’s room into the images. It’s a special kind of ‘first’ that often gets forgotten.

For Jeff & Chrissy, we started upstairs in the nursery, moved downstairs to the living room for some quick family portraits, and then outside to take some photos with dad’s hunting bag. Super cute. Welcome to the world Cecilia! Check out the highlights from our shoot below!


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