I got to work with Nadia & Denis on a very special day for them. A past friendship with Denis gave me the opportunity to catch a glimpse of their amorous and touching relationship. You could only begin to imagine just how special their relationship is by attending their multinational, multicultural, and multiple celebrations that have been and will be the union of two families through the unique relationship of a Canadian girl with an American boy named Nadia and Denis. While Nadia and Denis’ relationship deserves an entire site to convey their unique perspective, I just have the opportunity here to share the wonderful experience that was their Pooja Ritual Engagement Ceremony that Erik & Myself captured at The Hindu Temple of Metropolitan Washington in Adelphi, MD.

Before their Wedding happens in Canada, Nadia and Denis were hoping to continue their Hindu tradition that is the formal presentation of the groom and his family’s proposition of marriage between the two families and their children. Along with the prearranged request, families exchanges gifts. Then the rings are blessed while celebrating through music and prayer in what is called the Pooja Ritual. It’s mostly family and friends that help in putting together this event; beautiful drapes decorations stand brightly behind the swing called the “Jhula”. At the Jhula, Denis and Nadia sit together to enjoy the second part of the celebrations while the sweet aroma from the mix of the rituals and delicious Indian cuisine next door fills everyone’s nostrils. Some of the most heartfelt moments came with the music, the words, and the dancing that even with the images only paint a small picture of how personal and enriching the entire experience was.  

It was such an incredible time spent there. Congratulations you two! Check out the highlights below!