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A Backyard Wedding, Featuring Tornado Landscaping

We’re big fans of backyard weddings. In a sense, they’re inherently more authentic. In the case of Daniel & Paradee, their backyard wedding meant a lot of DIY, with a little help from nature. A tornado had come through their property the previous year removing a section of trees that would eventually be the site for their reception tent. In addition to some breathtaking landscaping efforts forced by the storm and appreciated because of the wedding, Daniel designed and built the trellis that he and Paradee would be married under, and it’s beautiful.

If you’re considering a backyard wedding, in short, do it! No it will not be as organized and flawless as one at a country club or something, but it will be much more personal and carry some emotional weight of its own. One thing we’ll strongly suggest though, like Dan & Paradee, hire a coordinator. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of money to be saved by cutting out the venue. Much of the value you lose when not having your wedding in a professional venue, you can get back by hiring a good wedding planner. It’s definitely worth it.

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