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A Portrait Session Turns Proposal in Downtown Annapolis

Shortly before Christmas, I had the privilege of working with a friend and client, Jordan, to create some couples portraits for him and his girlfriend Kayla. Little did Kayla know though, that when we hit a certain mark, Jordan would be dropping to one knee and proposing. We wandered around the Statehouse for a few minutes, then down Maryland Ave stopping for photos along the way. We passed the first intersection a little ways trying to kill some time. We had hoped for some sunlight that day, but ended up with cloud cover that looked like maybe it’d clear up for a few minutes. That didn’t happen, and as we moved toward our mark, Jordan got the queue and did his thing. You can see her reaction was just what Jordan was hoping for.

In the end, I’m glad the cloud cover stayed around. The flat lighting and muted colors in the resulting images feel about right for the day. It was colder than expected and the Christmas decorations did in fact lend a sense of warmth to the area. Sometimes nature knows best. Check out our favorite shots from the session below, and if you just got engaged, learn more about our wedding photography here.