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Amazing Clients, at An Amazing Portrait Location

Felipe has been working with this Family since some time around 2010 when they bought a daily deal and a friendship took root. Since then, Felipe has seen the family grow and change. Together, they’ve visited portrait locations all over the place, from creek beds to cherry blossoms. This time, it was the Glenview Mansion in Rockville.

A visit from some out of state relatives instigated the session and offered a short timeframe to pull it off. They arranged for a Saturday evening in October, which proved to be colder than anticipated. To manage the cold weather, Felipe shot around the Rockville Civic Center, as opposed to the more traditional spots around the Mansion. This allowed the group to break for warmth as necessary. The large glass windows and interesting sculptures inside also make for wonderful and unique backgrounds, which you can see Felipe put to good use.

Check out some of our favorites from Felipe’s session below, and click here to learn more about how Felipe can help you capture fun and memorable family portraits, right in your own neighborhood.