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What are Headshot Days?

Photography is critical for businesses. There’s no way around that. Luckily, it has become easier to find relevant images and qualified people to provide them, and the cost has come down too. If you need a photo of a specific landscape, or a texture, or a thematic image of some kind, you can often find them just by clicking through a stock photography website. But, if you need images of yourself for your business, it would probably be pretty creepy to find that image on the internet.  You’re going to have to hire someone (or be okay with looking silly using that old graduation picture).

You will at the least need headshots for your business card and for your social media profiles. If you’re an entrepreneur, an author, speaker, teacher, or one of many other professions that require a public presence, you’ll also need them for publicity. Prospective clients, investors, and employers expect to be able to see what you look like if they’re holding your business card or googling your name.

Trouble is, a quality headshot can be frustrating to fit into your already busy schedule and limited budget. Unresponsive photographers, scheduling difficulty, cost, all lead to foregoing the details you need to advance yourself and your career.

This is why we’ve come up with Headshot Days. These are special days when you can reserve a slot and get the headshots you need for just $100. You’ll receive two royalty-free images, so you’ve got a nice casual shot and maybe something a little more formal. You know, for the big-wigs.

We’ll hold Headshot Days on an ongoing basis around the DC and Baltimore area. With your reservation, you’ll spend about 30 minutes with one of our well experienced members, as they work with you to create bold, confident and authentic headshots. After the session, we’ll meticulously remove non-permanent blemishes and present you with a minimum of 6 images to choose from.

After Headshot Days, you can expect to receive your proofs within 10 days and will be able to make your selections and download royalty-free images immediately.

Of course, one of our challenges in providing this service will be ensuring that everyone is afforded the time for their session. While as a collective we try to be flexible in every way we can, reservation start and end times will have to be firmly set. So if you’re thinking of joining us during one of our upcoming Headshot Days, plan to arrive a little early. If you arrive late, but before the end of the session we’ll do the best we can with the time remaining, but you will have fewer, or possibly no images to choose from.

Ready to go? You can reserve a slot in one of our upcoming scheduled Headshot Days right now. Or, if you’d like a more customized experience, you can learn more about our custom headshot services. Have a question? Shoot us an email!