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Greg Ferko Shot This Wedding in Ft. Lauderdale

Late last year, Greg had the chance to skip the autumn chill with a trip down to Ft. Lauderdale Florida to shoot this beautiful couple’s big day. Things started out leisurely, with Greg drifting from the Groom’s room to the Bride’s capturing whatever might’ve been happening at the time. Soon, the bride and groom, and their entourage sped off to the church, with Greg in tow capturing everything as they went. In between the ceremony and reception, the wedding party had three hours to travel around downtown Ft. Lauderdale in a private trolly, giving Greg the opportunity to shoot all over the place—what he says was probably his favorite part of the whole trip.

We really loved his use of vibrant colors—as one imagines all over the place in Ft. Lauderdale. Bright blue skies and contrasty shadows. Greg also has an eye for the meaningful subtleties that may go unnoticed by others.

Check out some of our favorite images from this wedding below! Weddings away from home allow us to more fully integrate into all the nuances of a wedding day and with more flexible timeframes, everyone feels a little less pressure. If you’re interested in booking Greg for your wedding, either here in the DMV region, or anywhere else, check out our weddings page for more details!