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Making the Most of the Background on a Spontaneous Headshot Session in DC

A few months ago we met up in Washington DC for a last minute headshot session and a quick adventure through some of DC’s less obvious photo locations. People often don’t realize how little the specific location matters for headshots. For outdoor sessions like this one, we walked a total of about a mile in search of the nicest lighting the most interesting shapes and textures. For a headshot, the background is all about shapes and textures, so even not-so-great looking places can form a fine backdrop.

For professionals, this makes it easy to work with a photographer in a place that’s convenient for you. Often the areas right around your office or home work just fine. If you’re hiring a photographer for new headshots, don’t assume that you’ve got to find the perfect spot. Your photographer may be able to work surprisingly well with the shoestrings around you. And, if you’re currently looking for a photographer to create some new headshots or business portraits for you, look no further! Check out our For Professionals pages here on our website to learn more.