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Senior Portraits at Kinder Farm Park with Greg Ferko

A couple months ago, Greg met with Katie for her senior portraits. They chose Kinder Farm Park because it was both convenient, location wise, and because it has a nice variety of scenery to use as props and backdrops. Kinder Farm is one of Greg’s favorite spots, with natural wood, rustic fixtures, colorful barns, and interesting farm equipment to work with. It’s excellent in both the morning and the afternoon, is a really good general purpose location for a photoshoot. Kids love the farm equipment and animals, lots of quiet nooks make it great for engagement photos, and families can easily make an outing out of it.

Check out a few of these great shots Greg got for Katie’s senior portraits. If you’re interested in working with Greg on a session at Kinder Farm, or anywhere else, check out our portraits services page for more details!