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An Adventurous Engagement Session in St Michaels, Maryland

A last month we had the most amazing opportunity to spend an afternoon in St. Michaels on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It’s a quaint neighborhood with a lively downtown area and gorgeous scenery almost everywhere you look. The marina is a bustling area, peppered with parks and public spaces. On a weekend afternoon, the sound of live music in distance and boats on the water can be heard.

We began our session around a small patch of huge trees, and then wandered together toward the pier. We checked out some shops along the main strip and then walked over toward the water for a silhouette. Just as we were getting set for the shot, a local by the name of Craig offered to take us out on his classic boat. We almost couldn’t believe it. After ferrying the couple around for a while, Craig came back to shore so that I could hop on. Together we took a ride out for a shot with the iconic St. Michaels lighthouse in the background. Craig was the perfect embodiment of what made our time in St. Michaels special—the serene, welcoming atmosphere. We can’t thank Craig enough for his generosity; he’s asked us to pay-it-foreword, and we most certainly will!

We ate up most of our evening session with Craig, and it was totally worth it. Once we got off, we still had about 20 minutes to capture some photos with the setting sun. So we hopped in the car and high tailed it to the southern most tip of St. Michaels and captured some images on the seawall. It was a perfect end to an absolutely amazing session. Take a look at some of our favorites below!