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Catching Up With The Family at Home

A couple months ago, I met up with this family for the second portrait session since their wedding back in 2013. The family has grown! Not long after their wedding, when their first child came along I was honored to be called in again to help capture those first moments. This time around, we got together casually in the midst of the newborn chaos.

When I walked in, I asked their oldest child (whom I hadn’t seen since our first session when he was just a little nugget) if he remembered me. He enthusiastically said “yes!” and then ran and got the book of photos the family had made from the images we created together. It was a meaningful thing, even coming from a three year old. In the course of this session, which we held in their bright, beautiful family home, we took a few minutes to recreate some of the images we’d done during our first session, using the same adorable football outfit from before.

These kinds of sessions are very much why I love this kind of work. It’s not always about any individual photo, but about the thread that carries through our lives and connects us to people who matter to us. Check out a few photos from this brief session below, and if you’re looking for a photographer to help capture these kinds of moments in your family’s life, check out the Portrait Photography page on our website, or just shoot us an email!


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