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Meeting the Newborn on the Johns Hopkins Campus in Baltimore

It is always a very special thing when a past client comes back after a few years at life’s next big mile stone. In this case, this couple hired us to create some engagement portraits before they flew to China for their big wedding with friends and family. Life marched onward for these two as they attended Johns Hopkins University together, until recently when they welcomed the first new member of their family—a perfect little boy, and mom and dad couldn’t be more proud!

To honor this couple’s time together on the campus, and the role in played in helping them find each other, we held their first family portrait session right there, wandering around and visiting some of their favorite spots. We were accompanied by the family’s matriarch (who also helped us get some nice photos sans the baby), and their adorable, energetic and protective little pooch. About midway through the session we were joined by some of their closest friends from school for a quick photo of everyone together.

This session was so rewarding. The images turned out beautifully, but the experience of seeing where their lives have taken them since our first encounter was priceless. If you’re looking for someone to help you commemorate your first child, or any kind of important milestone in life, head over to our portrait photography page to learn more about services. We’d love to work with you for the first time (or again!).