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A Family at The National Portrait Gallery & The Supreme Court Grounds

I think this is the sixth year we’ve had the pleasure of working with this awesome family. These are some of the most rewarding kinds of sessions for me, because it’s continually building on our history together, and gives the images a special kind of personal meaning, and in turn, hopefully helps me layer more meaning into the images themselves.

This year, we meticulously planned out a session for a weekend when grandparents would be in town. We’d planned on an outdoor shoot near the Supreme Court building, and after already facing one rain date, we were hit with rain again on the next date. Because of the priority to take advantage of a rare overlapping visit from both sets of grandparents, we hastily came up with a new plan to use The National Portrait gallery as a backdrop. But, when we got there, it was quite busy and the cloud cover had wreaked havoc on the natural light we’d been counting on. It worked out anyway though, as we stuck to the rooms that gave us the best chance to bounce light around.

Having grown quite attached to our original plan, we agreed together that we’d get everything we could at the museum and then meet back up again later to revisit the original plan. So a few weeks after our trip to the museum, we had our second shoot around the Supreme Court and Library of Congress buildings, and the results were almost perfect, and I am personally pleased we got the best of both worlds out of this session.

Check out some favorites below, and if you’re looking for someone to create some images for your family, check out our portrait photography page for more details!