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How to Make Sure We Capture Your First Kiss

Your first kiss as a married couple is a moment you’ll cherish forever, and you want to make sure it’s captured perfectly in your wedding photos. We know firsthand how important it is to get this shot right – we’ll never forget the wedding of Jon and Ally many years ago when we missed their first kiss. It was a lesson we learned the hard way.

The moment happened unexpectedly and went by too quickly, and before we knew it, the kiss had happened and we had missed it. Frankly, at the time, we just didn’t know we had to plan for this moment as carefully as we did. We ended up having to take some time to re-stage the moment, but unsurprisingly it just wasn’t quite the same. Re-staging the first kiss takes some of the romance out of the moment, and it was clear that Jon and Ally were a little disappointed. Plus, it just took more time and we didn’t have as much time for family portraits after the ceremony. We made it work, but with a little effort ahead of time, the chances of getting it right the first time can be significantly improved.

Here’s what you can do.

Take Your Time

The first kiss is a big deal, so don’t rush it! Take your time. Not only will this help you truly enjoy the moment, but it also gives your photographer more opportunities to get the perfect shot. Your guests will think it’s sweet to see you taking your time, so don’t worry about it being weird.

In fact, letting the whole process take around 30 seconds can be really nice. It gives your photographer plenty of time to get different angles and capture the emotion of the moment. Plus, it can be tough for your photographer to predict and prepare for guests suddenly jumping out into the aisle to try and get their own shot with their cellphones. By taking your time, you give your photographer ample time to get the shot and avoid any disruptions from guests.

Kiss Multiple Times

While you’re kissing, make sure to stare into each other’s eyes and kiss multiple times. This not only creates more opportunities for your photographer to capture the moment, but it also adds a romantic touch to the photo.

Staring into each other’s eyes and taking the time to really connect can make for some truly stunning photos. And kissing multiple times just gives your photographer even more chances to get that perfect shot. It may feel a little awkward at first, but trust us – it will be worth it when you see the final photos.

Let Your Photographer Know If the Kiss is at a Different Time

If your tradition calls for the first kiss to happen at a different time than the end of the ceremony, make sure to let your photographer know. This will ensure they’re ready and in position to capture the moment.

Often times, without a very obvious preamble alerting the photographer to what is about to happen, it can be tough for them to predict when the kiss will happen. So make sure to let them know if the kiss is going to be at a different time than the end of the ceremony. This will give them the chance to be in the right position to get the best shot.

Ask the Officiant to Step to the Side

For the best shot, ask your officiant to step to the side during the first kiss. This will allow your photographer to get a better angle and frame the photo more effectively.

Having the officiant right behind you can really distract from the photo and make it tough for your photographer to know where they ought to be for the best angle. By asking the officiant to step to the side, you give your photographer a clear view and allow them to focus on you and your partner.

Consider Using a Flash in Low Light Conditions

If your ceremony is taking place in a particularly dark venue, consider letting your photographer use a flash during the first kiss. Most photographers will avoid using a flash during the ceremony to avoid distractions, but in low light conditions it may be necessary to get the perfect shot.

Using a flash can help to brighten up the photo and eliminate any shadows that may be present due to the low light conditions. Just make sure to let your photographer know if you’re comfortable with them using a flash during the kiss. They might still prefer not to in order to maintain a consistent look throughout the whole ceremony, but knowing the option is on the table can make a real difference.