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Felipe Returns to the Glenview Mansion for a Catch Up Session With This Beautiful Family

We love getting to see families grow, literally! The first time Felipe worked with this family back in 2014, these kids weren’t so tall and full of their own personality yet, this dog wasn’t so scruffy (or maybe even there yet)! This is what’s so special for us about family photography. It’s not about a run-n-gun, get-what-you-get and disappear into the shadows shooting. Staying connected and getting to know and root for the people we come to care about through our work together isn’t a bi-product, it’s a pretty big piece of theĀ point for us.

For this session, Felipe started at the family home. The family home is one of our favorite places to hold a session because so many families eventually move on from them to bigger and better, or at least different, things. But that house, that house will always be an important part of a family’s history together. They didn’t stay at the family home though, after a few shots, they made their way across town to the Glenview Mansion for some more formal photos, as well as a nod to their first session together. If you’re unaware of the Glenview Mansion, it’s this gorgeous historic property in Rockville. Always pristinely manicured and full of large stone work and interesting variety. It really makes an excellent backdrop for a semi-formal family portrait session.

Check out some of our favorite shots from Felipe’s session with this family below, and if you’re interested in working with Felipe to bring out some relaxed and authentic looking portraits of your family, check out the Portrait Photography page here on our website!