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Last Minute Headshots for a Real Estate Agent in a Hurry

Professionals often need things done quickly, and soon, and often at the last minute. That’s the nature of self-promotion, we have to take opportunities when they arise, and we don’t always have everything we need when that moment arrives. There always seems to be a scramble or a mad-dash when you have to promote yourself, and that was exactly the case for this Real Estate professional we worked with a few months ago. After agreeing to a big showcase, he was excited to show off what he’s made of and so went to have some new business cards printed. That’s when he suddenly realized how out of date his headshot was.

Too many people would see his new cards and the old photo just wasn’t going to cut it. So, he gave us a call and a few days later we were on location in Bethesda creating some new headshots and brand images for him, and a few days after that he was looking through the finished images and picking the one he’d use for his card.

When we discussed a style for his session, we talked about what the other Real Estate agents were doing and we agreed that the standard format was just a classic headshot with a clean studio style backdrop. In other words, a boring status quo. so to help him stand out among his peers, we went in exactly the opposite direction. We created his headshots outdoors in a neighborhood much like the ones in which he’d be selling. And more specifically, images that might look relatable, like something his client’s family photos might look like. The results are engaging and friendly, and very much not the status quo for this profession.

Check out some of our favorites from the narrow collection below. If you need to break convention and stand out, or just need a headshot that does a little more than show what your face looks like, check out the For Professionals page here on our website!