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This Outdoor Session from Felipe Moves Inside Halfway Through

Here’s a family Felipe has been working with on and off for years. This family is made up of travelers in the truest sense, so getting everyone together isn’t always realistic. But, they stay close at heart, and when the opportunity arises, they take it.

That’s exactly what happened around Christmas time last year. The planets aligned and they set a date. Unfortunately, when that date arrived, it proved to be rather cold and wet. Mother Nature is an unpredictable force. So, in service to the greater good, they went ahead and held the session as planned. In the interest of variety, Felipe began the shoot outdoors, just long enough to get some nice shots together with the natural light before heading indoors to finish up the session.

Outdoor sessions tend to carry a less formal quality to them, and the light tends to be a little imperfect. But what’s lost in the quality of the light is almost always made up for in the relaxed posture and expressions that come with an unencumbered shoot. Luckily, Felipe is amazing at this and has a real knack for putting people at ease and making them feel comfortable in front of the camera. So, after heading inside, although the stylistic variety took a hit, Felipe captured some beautiful and authentic expressions that live on in these portraits forever.

Check out some of our favorites from the session below, and if you’re interested in working with Felipe to create some new family portraits, be sure to check out the Portrait Photography page here on our website!