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Garrison Forrest School Family Portraits | Joanna & Chip’s Extended Family

Last year, these two families got together to split a portrait session and this year, with even more extended family in town for a very limited time, another portrait session was in order. Last time, William made the photos for these families, and they had a wonderful time and created some stunning photos. Of course, normally, when you come back to work with Petruzzo Photography again, you’ll work with the same photographer as the first time, because we always want future sessions built on top of the rapport that has already been developed. But this time, with only a narrow window in which to schedule a session, the family decided to work with Felipe to make sure the session could fit into their schedule while everyone was still in town. Felipe ended up taking the torch and running with it to create a beautiful new round of images among the natural light and scenic surroundings of the Garrison Forrest School.

The Garrisson Forrest School isn’t anyplace particularly special as far as this session is concerned, but for this family and their guests in from out of town, it was conveniently located and had plenty of interesting features to work with, from natural water flows, to horses and rustic fences. The group spent the better part of two hours wandering around and creating all the different groupings they’d hoped for. The results definitely speak for themselves. Check out some of our favorites below! And, if you’re interested in working with William or Felipe to create some new portraits of your family, check out the Family Portraits page here on our website!