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A Look Back at Our Favorite Images from 2019

Ah, nearly a twelfth of the way through 2020 and we’re just getting around to reminiscing about 2019. Whew…. What a year.

2019 was a year full of amazing photography opportunities, new partnerships, ends of eras (or at least one decade), and so many chances to catch up with old friends and clients while making something special and new. It was a very good year. And yes, there was some grief too, as we finally had to say goodbye to our favorite little office dog, Mikey, who you may have seen wishing you happy new years and merry Christmases on Facebook & Instagram. Don’t worry though, Mikey didn’t want to leave us without such an important support role for too long, so he was sure to send our new office dog Bailey to take over for him right away. (You’ll get to meet her in 2020, so stay tuned).

In 2019 we photographed a lot of weddings, capturing something authentic with each of our couples, and helping to keep things running smoothly and trouble free on their wedding days. For many years, weddings have been a cornerstone of Petruzzo Photography—just about the most important market segment that we serve. Now, we love weddings and we’re going to continue to photograph them as long as our clients are loving what we’re doing. But, for the first time since our business was born in 2007(ish), we actually worked with more professionals and small businesses than couple’s planning weddings. In fact, we worked with so many professionals, on everything from corporate event coverage to commercial editorial content to headshots and brand personality portraits, that those sorts of photography sessions accounted for nearly 45% of all of our photoshoots in 2019!

And I can’t forget about all the work we get to do with families and individuals for all those special sinuous moments in life. New members of the household, rare and special gatherings of disparate family, graduations, mitzvahs, birthdays and holidays—All these moments when a portrait is just the right kind of commemoration, we’ve adored every moment of these photography opportunities, and 2019 offered us a ton of them, for which we are extremely grateful.

There’s really too much to say here, and I think instead I will let some of our favorite images from this year speak for themselves. Out of the nearly 120,000 images we delivered to clients in 2019, take a gander at this collection of just about 200 of them. These are some of our favorite images, favorite people and favorite places.

If you’re looking for a wedding, portrait or commercial photographer for 2020, we would love for you to check out what we’re doing! And if you do the social media thing, find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where we try (as best we can) to post new beautiful and inspirational content every week.

We can’t wait to connect with you in 2020 and beyond. If you’d like to reach out directly concerning your upcoming photography needs, send us an email info@petruzzo.com, or give us a call at 410-417-8206.