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Deepa & Natara’s Portrait Session Commemorating Their Son’s Departure to College

The feeling of sending one’s kids off into their life is bound to be a mixed bag of emotions, right? On the one hand, it’s probably nice not having to lock the liquor cabinet, but on the other hand, how do you nurture something for two decades and then one day say, “okay, you can take it from here”. I get emotional just thinking about replacing the washing machine. Kudos to all the parents who manage to do that without losing their marbles. Deepa and Natara are proud parents with a healthy relationship to letting go. When it was time for their son to take off for medical school, they thought a portrait session together – something they said they didn’t do enough of growing up – would be a nice way to mark the occasion, as well as soften the edges on that empty-nest feeling.

We got together at a local historic site, The Bel Air Mansion, on a day that just happened to be Deepa and Natara’s 25th wedding anniversary. We had a very nice time capturing some images together and the warmth of this family was palpable.