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Augusta & Peter’s Engagement Session on Gibson Island

Augusta and Peter were planning an absolutely stunning and jam-packed wedding day at their hometown venue on Gibson Island. They were originally scheduled to get married in 2020, but then the pandemic hit and, just like it did for pretty much everyone else, their plans got thrown into disarray. Everything got pushed back to 2021, and the two decided that while they might not be getting married on the original schedule they could still get out there and make some memories. I was more than happy to oblige—let’s just say 2020 has not been the busiest season for exciting photography projects.

So, almost to the day, we had an engagement session at their venue instead of a wedding. This worked out twofold because there were a lot of little spots they wanted to visit for pictures, but the wedding day was going to be too busy to use all of them. So we spent a few hours on the island, walking around and telling stories and making special photos out of places where the two had shared special moments.