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Mom, Dad & Their Two Girls at the Bel Air Mansion in Bowie

There are a lot of very difficult things about living through a global pandemic. The worries about being the reason someone gets sick or someone else being the reason you get sick aren’t even the worst of it. I think for most of us, it’s those missed opportunities and moments with loved ones, especially now as the holidays are approaching. But all things considered, a lot of what we do has been able to continue unabated. We are very fortunate. Sure, we’re staying outside and we’re shooting on longer lenses, but we really are grateful to be doing something that so often requires us to keep some space anyway.

Let me tell you, these days, seeing a family coming together and smiling and laughing is a massive morale boost.

That’s exactly what Gerard and Jody were doing when they set up their session last month. The world is a crazy and uncertain place outside, but in the bubble of their own family unit, there is love and tenderness, and they wanted some kind of expression of normalcy for their two girls. A safe, socially distanced portrait session outside was just what they needed.

We took their photos at one of our favorite local spots, The Bel Air Mansion. It’s big, well-manicured, beautifully maintained, and right up the street in Bowie.