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Holiday Portraits on a Chilly December Afternoon in Davidsonville Maryland

Felipe arrived early and found the eldest daughter of this sweet family playing soccer in the front yard. After taking advantage of the nice light and her bright red uniform, she jetted inside to get ready with the rest of the family. It was definitely a chilly day out there and the plan was to stay close to the homestead, which sat on a nice plot of land adjacent to rural Davidsonville. They were shooting right around sunset which lit up the sky cutting through the empty tree branches like they were Christmas decorations. Fitting for the session, which would produce some choice photos destined for Christmas cards to relatives across the country.

Like Felipe always does, he spent some time working through some more formal arrangements with the family before gradually shifting gears into a more play-based approach where the sister’s fun and silly sides were able to come out. They were so expressive and it really shined through in the images.

It was a bit chilly today, wasn’t it?Before they finished up, they stepped inside for a few quick photos near the Christmas tree–just for good measure.