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Jackie & Brian’s Holiday Portraits on the Streets of Downtown Annapolis

Red, white, plaid. Christmas vibes. Dog, especially the dog.

It was chilly out there, but it was also time for Christmas portraits, and Jackie, along with her husband Brian and two children, Annabella and Jack, were determined to make it happen. We met near the water in Downtown Annapolis and spent a few minutes in that area before moving up into the downtown city streets to escape the wind. Everything about this family was a breeze and a delight to work with.  Especially the dog, did I mention the dog yet? Look at those eyes!

I really enjoy sessions like this because of how clearly they are saying “Christmas Portraits!” without using candy canes and Christmas lights to do it. Jackie has very a good eye for theme, and the family has a knack for boldness without it feeling too heavy handed.

Oh, and the dog? I’m not sure if I mentioned the dog yet.¬†Look at his little matching scarf. Okay, the wheels might have come off a little on this one.