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A Shared Family Portrait Session At Jonas Green Park in Annapolis

It’s not uncommon for multiple families to share one portrait session, especially when they’re already doing things like sharing childcare responsibilities in their day to day lives. In my family, my sisters are pretty regularly swapping kids so that everyone stays sane more of the time. Or, at least, the insanity is spread out a little more equitably. This is exactly what was going on with this session. Since our family portrait sessions can take up to 12 people, we encourage our clients to go in on the session with their sibling’s and friend’s families. Plus, a lot of the time it’s just a lot more fun that way, and everyone tends to look better when they’re having fun.

In this case, we all met on a somewhat chilly November afternoon at Jonas Green Park in Annapolis. At first the twin sisters weren’t having it, but their big sister and their cousin helped them warm up to the occasion. Kids this age don’t always, lets just say, allow us to work in the most efficient way. So, we moved around a lot. We took some traditional looking photos, and we took some real spur of the moment images too. Ultimately we had a really good time, and the images came out beautifully.

Jonas Green Park is a really nice location for portraits. Although it’s occasionally really busy, it tends to be spread out and there’s a lot of variety to work with in a surprisingly small space. One thing to note, however, is that the very nice park rangers who are there regularly do politely ask that photoshoot visitors request permission before coming for a shoot.