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Personality Portraits with Thomas on an Unseasonably Warm December Day

Thomas wanted some new photos of himself. He had taken a plunge on a bold new hair style, he was feeling good, and was entering a new season of life. This wasn’t a personality session based on any grand-scale life event, like a graduation or a new baby or something. It was just wanting to get out there and celebrate himself – An excellent reason to work with a photographer.

It was already late in the season, December. And under most circumstances, that’d mean heavy coats and barren trees. But the fall seemed to be holding on just a little longer this year. There was still a bit on the breeze, but gentle enough that we were comfortable in long sleeves. The lighting in the afternoon at McCrillis Gardens was gorgeous and we found some foliage still painted with the autumn season that complemented his new hair style serendipitously.

At first Thomas was a little uneasy being the center of attention, but we took it slow and by the end of our time together he’d found a flow that he was comfortable with and together we created a fantastic collection of images.