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A Family Maternity Session at the Belair Mansion in Bowie

Moms and dads often forget to do things like maternity portraits when they have their second or third child. And it makes sense. For a lot of people these portraits may be more about marking a unique passage from ‘personhood’ to ‘parenthood’, which only happens once. But, on the same token, there is something remarkable about what it means to bring a baby into a family that is already off and running.

For Ameer and Tashea, the idea of a ‘maternity session’ couldn’t be explicitly separated from the idea of ‘family portraits’. The occasion for the photos wasn’t so much that Tashea would have another baby, but that the family would be making another leap forward again. And while in some way all of that would revolve around Tashea’s now inherent motherhood, that very concept was inextricably linked to her family as a whole, and so those were the kinds of images we aimed to create. Warm, affectionate family portraits, that highlighted Tashea’s pregnancy.

We captured these images on a cold, but surprisingly warm in a relative sense, February day in Bowie at the Bel Air Mansion. I loved Ameer and Tashea’s stylistic intuition with their long, earth tone coats, which matched the Mansion’s aesthetic and the winter vibe perfectly.