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James Faces the Cold For His Artist Profile at Beverly Triton Beach

James and I first met more than a decade ago when I was first starting out. He had bought a Groupon for a photography session, and I was the lucky chap on the other side of the camera. We’ve kept in touch over the years, and he recently reached out to me to update his artist profile with some new portraits.

We visited Beverly Triton Beach on a cold (but unseasonably warm) day in February. James was a trooper as we braved the elements to get some great shots. We leaned into the experience and the images have this contrasting effect of a sunny beach on a cold day. We thought that maybe, just maybe, James would be able to get his feet in the water, but, um no.

James is not only a talented musician, but also a wonderful teacher in DC. He has a passion for sharing his love of music with others, and his students are lucky to have him. I love that we were able to capture some of his spirit in these photos.