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Maternity Portraits at Kinder Farm Park in Severna Park

The first time that Chasity and Devon worked with Felipe was when he shot their engagement portraits taken at the Kennedy Center several years ago. They had such a good time working with him that they brought him back for maternity portraits when Chasity was expecting her first. This time, they went with a location in almost exactly the opposite style: they chose Kinder Farm Park in Severna Park, which has a kind of rustic rural appeal to it. It contrasted beautifully with their brightly colored formal attire, and especially Chasity’s stunning blue dress.

Kinder Farm Park is really a great place for portraits. The location is beautiful and scenic, with some sweeping views, but lots of little hidden gems hidden all around.┬áThe scenery is stunning and there are plenty of places to explore, it’s an under utilized favorite of ours.