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Graduation Portraits and a Family Reunion at the Nation’s Capitol

Maddie’s parents had flown in from out of town to see their daughter graduate and wanted to make sure to get some great photos to commemorate the occasion, so they scheduled a session. Maddie’s graduation also served as the perfect excuse for her extended family to visit Washington, D.C. from all over the country, so we were going to knock out two birds with one stone in this one.

Since parking (and crowds) at the Lincoln Memorial can be quite a challenge, we started the session with the whole family at the George Mason memorial. Not only is there ample lot parking just a block or two away, there is also far less foot traffic. We spent about 45 minutes with the whole crew taking various formal group portraits before just Maddie, her immediate family and I hopped in the cars and headed over to the Lincoln Memorial.

Since Maddie was graduating from George Washington University, it only made sense to have her graduation portraits taken at the Lincoln Memorial. After all, it’s a tradition for GW students to have their portraits taken there. Plus, we wanted to make sure that she had some portraits taken with the Washington Monument in the background.

The travel proved to be a little hectic, and there were a lot of people at the Lincoln, but we got some really nice shots before the park police took issue with our light and we scurried off. We had already gotten what we wanted by then though so it was no big deal. Better to ask forgiveness than permission, amirite?