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A Family Maternity Session at Jonas Green Park in Annapolis

This is my friend Stacy. She is one of the most beautiful and remarkable people I know. A photographer herself, we met at Triton Beach one day when we were both out working with clients. It was like an instant friendship.

By the time Stacy got pregnant this time around, she had already managed to make two beautiful, talented, and headstrong young women. They have a really special relationship. When she told me the good news, I just started throwing out dates for a maternity session, knowing there was no way she was going to ask, and I wanted to make sure we were including the whole gang.

With her, her two girls, and her husband Aaron, we went to Jonas Green Park in Annapolis and spent a couple hours around sunset wandering the greens and beaches and having a good time.

I am so excited for Stacy and Aaron and this new chapter in their lives. And I can tell these two girls are going to be awesome big sisters for this newest sibling, who will probably spend the first few years of their life terrorizing them. I can’t wait to hear all about it.