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Family Gets to Know Their Newest Member

Parents will tell you that there is something different about having a second child. It’s not at all unusual for parents to skip the professional pictures of their second child. And, I get it. It’s tough to find the time and money to invest in a photo session when you have a new baby. But, I think those that make it work are glad they did.

There’s something really remarkable about the way an older child relates to a new baby sibling, especially in photos. They can be so gentle and loving, and also keep mom and dad so palpably on-edge it’s sometimes a little comical. That relationship is something totally new for the first child though, and I think it’s worthwhile to capture that in photos. That’s one of the reasons we try to emphasize ‘newborn’ portraits as more like a permutation of family portraits, rather than wholly their own thing.

Felipe recently had the opportunity to take portraits of Katelyn and Joe’s second baby in their home. And, it was just so special. The intimacy of photos taken in a person’s home is really beautiful. It’s a different kind of feeling than photos taken in a studio, or outside, or in a giant pumpkin draped in ribbon. And, I think it really captures an essence of who a family is.