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Newborn Family Portraits at Home

I was so happy to hear from Katie and Joe that they had welcomed their first baby into the world. They had asked me to take their wedding photos a couple of years ago, and I was more than happy to oblige. With the pandemic raging on though, it has been hard for Katie and Joe to get out of the house to take some family portraits with their new baby. We decided to take all the precautions and make the portraits at their home instead.

We spent some time in various places in their home, taking photos of the new family in their everyday environment. It was lovely to see them all interacting together. Eventually the baby had had enough and we spent a few minutes taking photos of just the two of them. It was clear that they were absolutely besotted with their new arrival (and each other, thankfully; 2020 was a tough year).

I really loved getting to follow up with these two and see them begin this new phase of life and their relationship together. I think the portraits turned out a little off-beat, but it in a way that I think really highlights something unique about them and I’m very happy with them.