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Family Portraits for Fathers Day in Downtown Annapolis

Father’s day and Mother’s day are both great excuses to have family portraits made. In this case, Christine thought Father’s Day would make a great reason to capture the rarely photographed family all together, and she was right.

Our time together started off with the family meeting in Downtown Annapolis. The weather was almost perfect, with only a few clouds in the sky. I walked around the city and waterfront with Christine, Eric and their super-cute three year old daughter looking for little nooks and crannies to use as backdrops for their family portraits. Their daughter was a real ham, and absolutely loved being in front of the camera, which always makes sessions like these a lot of fun.

After a while, Eric’s mother and father joined us, and after a little coaxing, hopped in for some portraits too. We ended up finishing the session around the gate of the Naval Academy, where the garden along the entryway was in bloom. Although the Naval Academy itself requires you to jump through some hoops to get in, the courtyard all on its own is a fantastic spot that can provide a lot of shade.