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Portraits in the Back Yard With All The Kids and Grandkids

Sometimes the best place for family portraits is at home.

Lorene and Frank’s family were all in town for some personal holidays. Lorene really wanted to use the opportunity to get everyone together for that most elusive of occasions: family portraits with everyone all in the same place! When we got to discussing dates and locations, we ran through the normal gambit. Downtown Annapolis, Brookside Gardens, Quiet Waters. They were all pretty good options for the occasion. Lorene and Frank had put a lot of love into landscaping and maintaining the back yard stonescapes, though. When Lorene sent me some snapshots of their property, I stopped us right there and said “Nope! This is it!”.

We spent much of our session together cycling through photos with the different family groups, plus photos with grandparents and aunts and uncles, and we really had a very nice time making some very nice portraits.

I know from my own family that getting everyone and all the kids into one place at the seam time can be tricky, and we’re all within about 45 minutes of one another! So major kudos to Lorene for taking advantage of this moment to do something special.