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Family Portraits Among the Foliage of McCrillis Gardens in Bethesda MD

It is always such a pleasure to work with Heather and Hari, and their three year old daughter Charlotte. This year we visited McCrillis Gardens–a little hole-in-the-wall garden property in Bethesda.┬áThe day of the session was perfect. The sun was shining behind a thin layer of haze, perfect for producing soft shadows without a dense, dreary look. The gardens were a little past peak, but that’s one of the beautiful things about McCrillis. It’s great pretty much year round.

As usual, Charlotte was full of energy and excitement. We started the session with photos of Charlotte, then some family portraits with different pairings, and then moved on to individual shots of each family member. Heather and Hari are so natural in front of the camera and Charlotte was a natural ham!

We had a great time exploring the gardens and finding the perfect spots for each shot. Charlotte gave us some great stuff, and had lots of her own ideas I was more than happy to play along with–some of them even worked quite well!