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Black & Purple Family Portraits at the Bel Air Mansion in Bowie

It was a beautiful day for a photoshoot at the Bel Air Mansion in Bowie. My clients, Marilyn and Charles, were joined by their adorable daughter for what turned out to be a fun and playful session.

As we wandered around the mansion, the lighting was perfect just before sunset. The family coordinated their colors with black and purple, and they looked absolutely awesome together.

Their little girl was having a great time and she was up for some posing, but mostly she just wanted to play. So that’s what we did – we’d take some pictures, and then we’d play for a while. We had a blast running around the field out back, and the little girl thought it was absolutely hilarious throwing leaves up into the air and watching them drop on her dad’s head. Made for some really cute photos too!

One of my favorite shots from the day was the black and white photo of the little girl and her dad. There’s something about quirky moments in black and white that just shines. We also took some time to get some individual shots of the parents while we were out there, which turned out beautifully.

Overall, it was a fantastic photoshoot and a pleasure to work with this lovely family. I can’t wait to do it again!