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Family Portraits at the Johns Hopkins House in Crofton MD

Felipe recently had the opportunity to work with Linc and Lola and their three adorable girls again. He has been fortunate enough to have been their photographer for the past five years, and has built a strong relationship with them.

This family is full of character, and they never take themselves too seriously. They’re always ready for a great time and a good laugh, which makes working with them such a blast. Felipe always enjoys getting to capturing their personalities through his lens.

For their recent portrait session, Felipe took them to the Johns Hopkins House in Crofton, Maryland. This hidden gem is a picturesque location, and can be the perfect spot for a family photoshoot. The grounds are beautifully maintained, and it offers a variety of cool backdrops to work with.

During the session, Felipe spent most of his time focusing on the three girls, but also managed to capture some great shots of the whole family. They shot all afternoon and into the evening, and even got some cool night time shots — good thing he had his light with him! Felipe particularly enjoyed the candid moments and the playful interactions between the girls.

Overall, it was a fantastic day, and Felipe is looking forward to collaborating with the family again next time. He is grateful to have such wonderful clients, and is always eager to capture their special moments and create lasting memories for them.