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Mom, Dad & Big Sister for Some Family Maternity Portraits at Home

Felipe recently had the chance to photograph a portrait session with Sunny, Drew, and their daughter at their home in DC. This was his second session with this family. It was a lovely and family-centered session, with the whole family participating and having a great time.

The session started with some indoor photos, capturing the family’s love and connection as they interacted and played together. Their daughter was full of energy and absolutely loved being in front of the camera, making for some truly delightful and candid moments.

After some indoor shots, the family donned their coats and headed out to a local park for some outdoor photos. It was a nice day, with overcast skies and the leaves starting to turn colors. The family explored the park, taking in the sights and sounds around them.

One funny moment from the session was when Sunny and Drew’s daughter was carrying a stuffed dog, and a friendly real-life neighborhood dog came wandering up, and their daughter offered the toy to the dog, and then was surprised when he actually took it and went off running. It was such a funny and unexpected moment, they all burst out laughing.

Overall, it was a fantastic session with Sunny, Drew, and their daughter. Felipe was able to capture their love and connection as a family, and the resulting photos are sure to be treasured for years to come.