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Family Portraits at the Hampton Mansion in Towson, MD

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Vickie, Brian, and their two kids for a third time — This time around, at the Hampton Mansion in Towson. It was a November shoot, and although the weather was a bit overcast and most of the leaves had fallen from the trees, we were still able to capture some beautiful images.

This was my first time visiting the mansion, and we spent a lot of time exploring the grounds. The property is absolutely stunning, with well-manicured gardens and a grand, stately mansion. Unfortunately, some construction was ongoing and we weren’t able to use some of the more iconic locations on the property, but with so much to work with, it wasn’t a problem.

It was great to see this family again and see how much their kids have grown since our last session. Both Vickie and Brian’s kids are a lot of fun to work with and always up for trying new things. Their son in particular was a real character, with a rich repertoire of facial expressions. Never change, kid.

Despite the overcast weather and the ongoing construction, we were still able to get some really great shots. I’m really happy with how everything turned out. It’s always great to work with this family, and their bond really shines through in the photographs. It was a fantastic session, and I’m grateful to have had the chance to capture these memories for them.