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Family Maternity Pictures Under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge

I had the opportunity to do a family portrait session with Zenta, Nick, and their adorable (and shy) daughter at Jones Point Park in Alexandria. As a photographer, I’ve shot many sessions at Jones Point Park and it’s always one of my go-to locations. There’s just so much variety and it’s such an easy location with convenient parking.

A lot of the session took place under the Woodrow Wilson bridge, which has some really interesting brutalist architecture. It’s a unique location that adds some character to the photos.

After we finished up under the bridge, we wandered through the park toward the lighthouse by the water. We got some really cute shots there, and it was a beautiful location. The park has a lot of different areas to explore, so it’s great for finding a variety of backgrounds and settings for the photos.

Originally, the session was supposed to be a maternity session for Zaneta, who was pregnant at the time. Wanting to include the whole family though, we ended up spending some extra time focusing on their daughter, who was a bit shy and needed a little extra attention. Despite that, we still got some really nice shots of Zaneta, and the whole family had a great time.

After we finished up at the park, we headed over to Nick and Zaneta’s house for a gender reveal. They had a few friends in the neighborhood join in, and it was a really fun and exciting moment. They used confetti and smoke canons to make the announcement, and… it’s a girl!

Overall, it was a great session and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. Jones Point Park is always a great location for portraits, and this session was no exception. Can’t wait to meet the new addition to the family!