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Extended Family Portraits at Centennial Park in Bowie MD

I had the opportunity to photograph Meredith and her extended family at Centennial Park in Bowie, MD. The park is something of an overlooked neighborhood gem, located adjacent to a well-maintained high density housing development. It has a lake and a rustic-looking footbridge and lots and lots of ducks. It’s not a great location for portraits during certain times of the day, especially the morning, but in the late afternoon has a very nice glow about it. Meredith had considered doing the shoot at the Bel Air Mansion, but the family had dinner plans immediately following the shoot, and Centennial Park is within walking distance of the Bowie Town Center where their dinner plans were, so it just made better sense to shoot there.

There is ample parking for Centennial Park at the City Hall Building, but it does require a little bit of a walk, so the location may not be ideal for people with mobility challenges. But, it’s worth the walk once you get to the park, it can be a great spot for family photography.

Meredith’s session included her family, her parents, and her brother’s family. We worked our way through a shot list which initially focused mostly on the whole group together, but as we went through, we narrowed down into smaller groups and eventually some individual images. Meredith’s son, the youngest person participating that day, had a lot of fun goofing off and did a great job playing along, giving us some great expressions. We captured some candid moments of the family playing together, laughing and having a great time.

Overall, it was a great experience capturing memories for Meredith and her family at Centennial Park. The park’s unique atmosphere and proximity to other activities made for a well-rounded and enjoyable day for everyone involved.